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Meet Our Team

Christmas Story House

Name:  A Christmas Story House
Title:  Do I really need a title? I kind of sort of started this whole thing!
Built in: 1895, but made famous in 1983
Hobbies:  Giving tours to over 50,000 guests annually from all over the world!!
Fun Fact:  I’m not just known for my famous appearance in “A Christmas Story”.  In 1994, I also starred in “My Summer Story” (also known as “It Runs in the Family”).
Favorite Product:  I must say I’m pretty partial to anything that looks like me!  May I suggest the Department 56 “Good Ol’ Cleveland Street” Combo.   No Christmas village is complete without Ralphie’s House! 


Name:  Brian Jones
Title: Founder/Owner/CEO
Started Company in: 2003
Hobbies:  Snowboarding
Fun Fact:  I had always dreamed of becoming a naval aviator like my father so I joined the Navy right out of high school.  After failing the vision exam to get into flight school, my parents made me a replica Leg Lamp to cheer me up!  All my buddies on base wanted one as well, so I started making Leg Lamps in my living room!
Favorite Product:  I have to go with the 50” Deluxe Leg Lamp in the Full Size Crate! This is what started it all and is our flagship product.   With the Full Size Crate option, you can get a Leg Lamp delivered to your door exactly like “Old Man” Parker!


Name:  Josh (or is that his real name?)
Title:  Mysterious COO
Started in:  2008
Hobbies:  Anything Halloween or horror movie related!  We can’t quite figure out if it’s a passion or an obsession.
Fun Fact:  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  Josh has a healthy respect for online privacy, a respect so extreme in fact, that he chooses to remain anonymous even on the company bio page. 
Favorite product:  Shhhhh!!! Don't tell... but Josh's favorite product is on our sister site - Click here to find out!


Name:  Jennifer Hoffine
Title:  Executive Assistant & Accounts
Started in:  2009
Hobbies:  Playing with dead things!  Well… actually using found animal bones to make jewelry.  I’m also taking taxidermy classes!
Fun Fact:  My office and heart pay eternal homage to Halloween, but I still squeal like a little girl when I see Santa!
Favorite product:  I am a total nut for the Funko POP Vinyl figures! They are the most adorable little figurines and I love collecting them!  Sooo cute!!!


Name:  Danielle Bailey
Title:  Customer Service Supervisor
Started in:  2012
Hobbies:  I spend most of my time with my babies.  When I say “babies”, I mean my 2 daughters and 2 cats.  I also love to binge-watch my favorite tv-shows and movies. 
Fun Fact:  My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, since it also doubles as my birthday!
Favorite product:  My favorite product has to be the Jeweled Ladies Leg Lamp Shirt!!



Name:  Steven Intermill
Title:  Curator for A Christmas Story House & Museum/Graphic Designer 
Started in:  2013
Hobbies:  Constantly trying to break the banjo playing land speed record.
Fun Fact:  I’ve been training all year for the A Christmas Story Run!!
Favorite product:  Without fail my office is always ice cold! Thankfully my Randy Scarf is there to keep me warm!! 


Name:  Josh Miller
Title:  Photographer/Videographer
Started in:  2013
Hobbies:  I have won multiple awards in film festivals worldwide.  I also dabble in music production.
Fun Fact:  I’m obsessively into B horror movies!  The more obscure and ridiculous the better!
Favorite product: Not sure if it’s because I look the closest to Ralphie, or that I’m just the cutest guy on staff, but I was asked to wear the Pink Bunny Suit for the website photo.  So naturally this is my favorite product!  Looks good on me, doesn’t it!?


Title:  Fulfillment Team (aka Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution Fulfillment Team)
Hobbies:  Cardboard Boxes, Packing Tape, FRAGILE stickers!  It borders on an obsession!!  We love packing orders and ensuring every detail is perfect!
Fun Fact:  Although we don’t wear costumes like Team Customer Service, we do know how to have a good time!  Christmas carols are often playing in our warehouse to ensure each order is packed as if we were actually Santa’s Elves!  (Or are we? Shhh!)
Favorite Product:  How can we pick a favorite?  They're all so good!!!  


Title:  Customer Service Team (aka Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution Customer Service Team)
Hobbies:  Making customers smile on call at a time!  We are always here to assist you with any purchases, questions or if you just wanna talk about how red-headed bullies in raccoon hats are awkward to watch. Oh, those yellow eyes!
Fun Fact:  Yes, the rumors are true, when you call in, we may be wearing a Bunny Suit from Aunt Clara!
Favorite Product:  Our job is to make sure you are getting your “Major Award”, no matter what product it is!


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Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution, Inc.

Proudly providing order fulfillment and customer service for Red Rider Leg Lamps and the A Christmas Story House.

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